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Well to be honest we cannot keep track of all of the wilderness companies out there. That being said of those we track we don't force you to purchase a bunch of additional amenities just so we can charge you more. We also don't have a fancy location so we are able to keep our overhead low and pass that savings on to you.
Sure you can go out and spend thousands of dollars with one of our competitors, but why would you? Especially since you can spend a fraction of that cost with us and get the same, if not better, education with us. Additionally we make it a point to have a lower student to instructor ratio (max 10:1) so that each and every student is able to get personal attention from one of our trained instructors.
Our payment system is through PayPal. Please see their website for more information.
If you are not happy with our service please contact admin@wemt.org and we will make your experience right for you.
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