Wilderness First Aid, 16-Hour (09/15)

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Course:  Wilderness First Aid

A fun filled weekend of camping and learning

September 15th – 17th, 20017

Course Description:  Wilderness First Aid is a course of simple learning and skills that have the power and absolute potential to save lives. 95% of all victims that survive a disaster or an emergency is saved by lay rescuers.  Wilderness First Aid is comprised of the essential medical information and actions need to be taken to save lives in the austere environment. This training is appropriate for anyone 12 years of age and over.  This class makes people part of the solution and not the problem. After completing Wilderness First Aid training each student will be certified in Wilderness First Aid.Wilderness AFA

What the Student Will Learn: The basic ability to;

  • Evaluate a scene for potential hazards
  • Determine the number of patients and the resources needed
  • Evaluate mechanisms of injury and/or nature of the illness
  • How to treat life threatening injuries and medical conditions (i.e. penetrating trauma, broken limbs, environmental emergencies and more)
  • Transport victims safely out of harm’s way
  • How to communicate to rescuers
  • Maintain medical treatment for an extended period of time with limited resources (Whats in Your Kit!)

This course will serve you well if you have no formal first aid training and/or if you have taken “Basic First Aid & CPR” this is a great add on focusing on wilderness/limited resources issues.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be Certified in “Wilderness First Aid

This 16-hour course will consist of lecture, demonstration, presentation, and hands on practical application. This course is taught while camping.

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O'Neill Regional Park
30892 Trabuco Canyon Rd,
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
Google Maps - https://goo.gl/maps/jhCi25SJu1N2
Day 1
9/15/2017 Friday
Arrival / Set Up 1500-1800
Class Time 1800-2000
Dinner / Social / Free time 2000-2200 (park quiet hours start at 2200)
Day 2
9/16/2017 Saturday
Class time 0800-1200
Lunch 1200-1300
Class Time 1300-1800
Dinner / Social / Free time 1800-2200
Day 3
9/17/2017 Sunday
Final review 0800-0900
Hands on exam 0900-1100
Break down and depart 1100-1200