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Wilderness and Expedition Medical Training InstituteWilderness & Expedition Medical Training Institute is able to provide our quality medical training at a reasonable cost to both individuals and groups. All classes are taught with a combination of instruction as well as hands on application. We at Wilderness & Expedition Medical Training Institute have found that by allowing our students to not only hear and see the information presented to them but also put it to use themselves they are able to walk away with a higher level of comfort. This is vs. just being given the information with no hands on training other programs to offer.

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The Wilderness & Expedition Medical Training Institute was founded in 2010 when we were looking to for a way to utilize the vast amount of medical training we learned through the military as US Navy Corpsmen, and apply that training to the civilian world. By combining their medical knowledge with our love for the outdoors Wilderness & Expedition Medical Training Institute was born. Over time we have expanded into a wider range of available classes, and have taught students from across the United States in many different locations and settings. Because of the way we operate we are able to offer classes to as small as the single individual to a large corporate training, and all students walk away with the same quality level of instruction. Contact us to see if we can help you fill a need for your medical training.




“I specifically chose to take my Wilderness First Aid through WEMT because of the high quality of instruction, the experience of the teaching team and the great time I have leaning with them.”

Dave Hudson

“ The team at WEMT has the ability to make the training interesting and an enjoyable experience. I received my Wilderness First Aid with them. I will not take training anyplace else! ”

Amber Ahrens

“ WOW! That one word sums up the experience that I had training with WEMT. I have taken training at with other instructors, however the knowledge that the team at WEMT has and the ability to make complicated subject matter simple to understand is outstanding. If you can take your training with WEMT you will not be disappointed.”

Ricky Quintana

“ I came to WEMT with some entry level knowledge and left with a full tool box. They take the time to instruct one on one when needed and never made me feel like I was a burden for asking questions. The time I spent with WEMT was well worth it. I love the personal touch that they give. ”

Heather Kelly

“I cannot wait until my next class with guys at WEMT, they know how to make everyone feel important and still teach to the entire class. I was so impressed with the team and the way they were able to make training fun!. ”

Jon Brodersen

“ I loved taking Wilderness First Aid with WEMT. I never had medical training before and I never felt that the instruction was over my head. ”

Jamie Lutz